Amazon demand Apple's app store case thrown out of the court
Amazon the online bookseller is appealing to have the accusation of Apple of false ads thrown out of the court.

Reuters reports that Amazon has interrogated a judge of the US federal court to omit false advert claim of the Apple in a case which challenges its usage of the tag "app store".

Where Apple complained that the decision of Amazon to use the name "Amazon Appstore" for its store is rather confusing to the consumers who used to associate the same term with their marketplace, Amazon defies that this is not the real case.

Rather, it argues that even the CEOs of Apple have indicated that this term is generic or commonplace.

In its filing it says that Apple probably doesn't affirm that it's current and past CEOs has made the false statements about those other some app stores to the thousands of financer looking for good earning.

On the other hand the usage of the name 'app store' simply signifies a store that sells apps is very commonplace or generic in the industry.

In the month of May, Apple argued the opposite by saying that this term is to a very great extend is the opposite of the word generic.

In a filing at the California federal court it said that it denies the term on the bases of the common general meaning, the term 'app store' refers a store for the apps.

Apple is seemingly more concerned about some of their consumers will be confused of the two app stores.

Amazon is more pitched at the android gadgets and the fear of Apple is that some of their consumers may spend valuable time striving to download the incompatible software for its own hardware that utilizes its IOS operating system.

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