Blackberry 10 developer Update announced
Blackberry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) has sort out an updated that is build on their Blackberry 10 (BB10) which is the new mobile operating system during the blackberry Jam convention held in San Jose.

RIM told the launch that is being released together with the test "dev alpha b" hardware unite during the 2012 Jam developer convention of Blackberry, offers the most inclusive look hitherto at the new interface of BB10.

Among the main features which will be displayed in BB10 OS is the new interface notion the firm calls it Blackberry flow.

Michael Clewley who is the director of the handheld software product management of RIM told that the target of its new flow interface is just to offer a seamless link among applications. The INQUIRER was told by Clewley, the way many of the rival platforms has approached it to be an in-and-out consumer experience. In the flow interface user will move from one application to the other without realizing it.

The firm also seems to restore its Blackberry Inbox screen that has been called as "Blackberry Hub". The latest system will combine the conventional email inbox along with notifications and messages from Facebook and Blackberry messenger, among the other service.

Clewley told that the using new hub system will be essential for the users of Blackberry, who likely to see the Inbox to be the main features of their usage of smart phone.

He further explained that the new Blackberry Hub system is a function where the Blackberry consumer is likely to live the most while they check their handset. The launch is the new landmark on RIM's way to the common launch of new Blackberry 10 OS.

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