O2 Coming Out with Second Range of the Doro Device
One of UK leading providers of mobile phones and mobile broadband services offering some of the most excellent mobile phones, O2 has come up with another device to be included in its Doro series of phones. In fact this device that resembles the shell of a clam is especially intended for the older generation.

The PhoneEasy 612 costs just 69.99 pounds and boasts of a camera through which the user can click pictures and share it with others with just a one touch button. In addition there are facilities to connect the phone to a wireless headset or hearing aid via Bluetooth.

The Managing Director of Doro UK as well as Ireland, Chris Millington stated that they were really happy to have been able to release a second mobile phone in collaboration with O2 in the UK. He added that they had found their association with O2 in the case of their first device. He went on to state that the new device the PhoneEasy 612 would be more successful particularly when sold via the O2 network and it would also permit the user to enjoy themselves taking and sharing photos with relatives and friends no matter where they were.

The Portfolio Manager of O2, Mr. Ben Bevins said that they had mobile phones that cater to any requirements and the phones from Doro were excellent for those users who required something simple and with ease of use. Doro's PhoneEasy 612 is more or less on the same specifications of its predecessor the Phone Easy 610 but with the inclusion of the camera feature. He stated that they people at Doro hoped that this additional feature would help the PhoneEasy612 to be more of a success for the company.

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