Qtek 2020i Mobile Phone

Qtek 2020i mobile phone is a latest invention from "Qtek". It has many benefits and has integrated the latest processor type that supports a maximum Processor speed. It uses Intel Xscale PXA272 type of processor. It has a processor speed of 520 MHz.

The dimensional size of the device is obtained with a height of 13 cm, a width of 7 cm and a depth of 1.8 cm. It has a Proprietary Lithium battery used for power. The battery life of the device is about 15 hours. The standby time is of 168 hours. It has a talk time as 4 hours. Qtek 2020i mobile phone weights just 189.9 g. This latest PDA phone offers the best features that you need in your phone and personal assistant.

Qtek 2020i mobile phone is a Personal Digital Assistant type of phone. It is a handheld computer device, which has many functions. It is a smart phone that has very user friendly interface which helps to make and receive calls and also send text messages. It has Microsoft Mobile Pocket PC 2003 2nd edition type of operating system, which is the basic platform, which runs the PDA. This new PDA phone has 128 MB of internal memory capacity. It has an external memory capacity as Secure Digital, Card Slot and Multi Media card. Microphone is used as an input method. The interfaces used are USB, Bluetooth Wireless technology; Infrared and Wi-Fi.

Qtek 2020i mobile phone operates on GSM and GPRS networks. The networks used are GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900 and GPRS. It displays with TFT technology in LCD screen. The screen is diagonally measured as 3.5 inches. The new Qtek mobile phone has a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. It has 16 bits of colours support. Find cheap mobile phones, latest mobile handsets and compare prices on leading mobiles in UK.

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