Sharp 3D Mobile Phones Do NOT Require Special Glasses...

Sharp, a popular Television brand, will soon have 3D mobile phones to their credit too. This Japanese electronics company has plans of releasing such handsets into the market later on this year. The most striking quality of these 3D display mobile phones is that you will not require 3D glasses to use them!

This is supposedly the second time this vendor is trying its hands at making 3D mobile phones. The first attempt, happened earlier this decade, but was unsuccessful.

Sharp 3D LCD Screen

The vendor unveiled a 3" 3D LCD screen over the weekend, which played 3D animations. Another 3D touch-sensitive display was also revealed, which flicked from one 3D image to the next. Also a similar screen connected to a camcorder displayed the video being captured in a 3 dimensional view.

The 3D technology, which uses parallax, is said to present different images to each eye, thus, doing away with the need for using special viewing glasses. Viewing without the special 3D glasses is mentioned to be possible up to a distance of 12-inches from the eye. These 3D mobile handsets are said to be capable of toggling between 2D and 3D views. Sharp is reportedly holding talks with probable partners for the production of these handhelds.

Not just mobile phones, these 3D LCD screens are also said to feature on cameras, camcorders, electronic dictionaries & other mobile display devices in the future.

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