Sharp 902 Ferrari Mobile Phone

Sharp 902 Ferrari mobile phone is designed stylishly with eye catchy colour coating. It has manufactured and designed by SHARP Company. As the name indicates it has been sharp in designing the products. As the technology develops, the needs and desires of the users are also changing. The manufactures are in a position to innovate something new to satisfy their customers. It has a feature of built-in camera.

Sharp 902 Ferrari mobile phone is capable of using UMTS type of network to communicate. You can use UMTS as well as GPRS type of data. It has a cute screen, which has the capacity to procure up to 176 x 220 pixels. Pixels mean nothing but a dot, which is used to make an image. When more pixels are combined together you can get a clear picture in the screen. The clarity of the screen depends upon the procurement of pixels. The more numbers of pixels will procure more clarity in display. It has a feature of Java.

The net weight of Sharp 902 Ferrari mobile phone is 150 grams. So it will be easy for you to hold in your palms. These UK mobile phones has the unique feature of Bluetooth. Bluetooth is the name of the technology, which prevents or eliminates the usage of cables. So you can relieve from the risk of handling multiple cables to connect your PC. This technology is otherwise known as wireless technology.

Sharp 902 Ferrari mobile phone also has a feature of infrared connectivity. This feature will help you to down load ring tones, wallpapers and your favourite music videos. It will take only less time for down loading and the speed of down loading is also high. It has a built-in camera, which has the capacity to procure up to 2.0 mega pixels. This camera can set the focus automatically. You can set 2x optical zoom. The clarity of the display depends up on the number of resolutions. More number of resolutions will serve more clarity. It has compact dimensions of 102 x 50 x 26 as height, weight and depth in millimetres.

You can use other supplement functions by using Sharp 902 Ferrari mobile phone like Games and Ring Tones. You can personalize these games and ring tones according to your wish. You can expand the installed memory of this mobile phone with the help of Multi media Cards. You can make a face-to-face video call by using this mobile phone. This model of mobile phones has the capacity to display up to 252000 colours.

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